Beef prices have soared 100
The cost of daily necessities in South Korea has surged over the past 50 years amid the nation' ...更多>>



Gimbap and hanja cramming: Life of Korean Studies students in Paris
date:2023-12-11 05:22 views:2474
PARIS -- Pulling an all-nighter to make gimbap and kimchi pancakes was the highlight of the year for ...
北, 러 주최 국제포럼서 '국제수송' 논의…무기거래 우회로 찾나
date:2023-12-11 04:42 views:2444
김정은 북한 국무위원장(왼쪽)과 블라디미르 푸틴 러시아 대통령이 지난달 13일(현지시간) 러시아 아무르주 보스토치니 우주기지에서 회담을 진행하는 모습. 연합뉴스북한 중앙재판소 대표 ...
Jeonse scams cause W510b in losses, with less than 25% recovered: lawmaker
date:2023-12-11 04:06 views:2829
Sophisticated rental housing scams in South Korea incurred over 510 billion won ($376.5 million) in ...
Key ruling party officials offer to resign over by
date:2023-12-11 03:26 views:1938
Key officials of the ruling People Power Party have offered to resign over the party's recent b ...
Hamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS
date:2023-12-11 03:25 views:1382
The South Korean military has assessed that the fighting doctrine and tactics utilized by Hamas migh ...
Gyeongbokgung entrance platform, new signboard unveiled
date:2023-12-11 03:09 views:2587
A grand platform, called "woldae," in front of Gwanghwamun, the main gate of Gyeongbokgung in Seoul, ...
LG Innotek wins patents for EV charging technology
date:2023-12-11 03:06 views:114
LG Innotek, an electronic component manufacturer under LG Group, said Sunday that it had earned thre ...
"당 망치는 응석받이"…안철수, 이준석 제명 서명운동 시작
date:2023-12-11 02:51 views:2767
국민의힘 안철수 의원. 연합뉴스안철수 국민의힘 의원이 15일 “내부총질로 당을 망치는 응석받이 이준석을 가짜뉴스 배포, 강서구청장 선거방해 등의 혐의로 제명해 줄 것을 요청하는 서 ...